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Peugeot Sport 2013 - 208 T16 gravel testing session

As the flagship of Peugeot Sport’s customer competition activities, the 208 T16 is continuing to be put through its paces as part of its intensive development programme. It has already notched up some 20 days of testing on gravel and this work has enabled its chief technical characteristics to be finalised. Peugeot Sport’s engineers started by focusing on the reliability of its chassis, engine, electronics and suspension before turning their attention to set-up work.

In sometimes appalling weather conditions, the successor to the 207S2000 has been subjected to torture at various locations in France (Riboux, Mazamet, Auxerre) in the hands of Bryan Bouffier, Craig Breen and Kris Meeke. Peugeot Sport’s objective is to produce a competitive yet reliable package which will enable its customers to target victory on all types of terrain.